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Multicultural Resource Library for Ageing

Using the Multicultural Resource

Library for Ageing online is easy


The Exchange Hub offers a number of different options for accessing the online resources through the Multicultural Aged Care E-Library

Own Account

Your subscription to the Exchange Hub provides you with your own personal account and private profile so that you can store and save your favourite multicultural aged care resources, in-language aged care materials and bilingual supporting documents.  

Searchable Catalog

The Multicultural Aged Care E-Library allows members to search for various media and resources using a category search. Just, type, name or tag words to find the most relevant culturally appropriate resource 

Access To Use  Webinar and Forums Facilities 

We are also offering subscribers the option to use the Exchange Hub to host their own webinars and community forums. 

Freelance Writers

We are also seeking freelances and writers to develop content and articles for the Hub. Contact the team and find out how you can get invloved. 

Multicultural Resources at  your fingertips while seeking the right


culturally appropriate aged care expertise

The following facilities are also available to CHSP HUB subscribers

Book podcast and recording facilities and begin recording your own podcasts in aged care

Request help engaging with multicultural media

Book webinar facilities to host your own event

Book time to speak to a Multicultural Access Officer to help you find the right resources