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MAP Network Minutes and Notes

DescriptionAuthorUpload Date
25/3/2020 NSW MAP Network Minutes Terrie 20/4/20zoomPending
8/4/2020 CALD Special Presentation - meeting with cald small CHSP services re: COVID-19 Terrie 20/4/20zoom1. Extra Ordinary Meeting CALD CHSP Funded Services 8.4.20
29/4/2020MAP Network Minutes Terrie 30/4/20zoompending
30/6/20MAP NetworkMinutesTerriezoomPending
26/8/20MAP NetworkMinutesEunice1/9/20ZoomAttached
8/10/20Map Network and think tank notes for media event Minutes and notesTerrie8/10/20ZoomAttached
DateItemDescriptionAuthorUpload DateAttachmentImage
4/4/20KPMG REPORTReport completed in November and submitted to KPMG regarding the SSD Review  Terrie 1/5/20KPMG Report 2019 MAP BriefingKPMG Report 2019 MAP Briefing
4/4/20MAPLOGOCopy of NSW MAP LOGO Terrie 1/5/20NSW MAP LogoNSW MAP Logo
4/4/20MAP FLYERCopy of the NSW MAP Flyer Terrie 4/5/20Flyer Exchange Hub Page 1Flyer Exchange Hub Page 1

Flyer Exchange Hub MAP Network Page 2Flyer Exchange Hub MAP Network Page 2

DateItemDescriptionAuthorUpload DateLink to attachment
1/4/20Induction MAP Induction Checklist Terrie1/5/20MAP Induction Checklist Phase 1MAP Induction Checklist Phase 1

MAP Induction Checklist Phase 2MAP Induction Checklist Phase 2
1/4/20InductionMAP Induction Presentation Terrie1/5/20pending
1/4/20GuidelinesCommonwealth CHSP Guidelines Terrie1/5/20commonwealth-home-support-programme-chsp-manual-2018-2020 (3)commonwealth-home-support-programme-chsp-manual-2018-2020 (3)
1/4/20StandardsAged Care Standards Terrie1/5/20Guidance_&_Resource_V8 StandardsGuidance_&_Resource_V8 Standards
1/4/20FrameworkDiversity Framework Terrie1/5/20aged-care-diversity-framework_0aged-care-diversity-framework_0
1/4/20Policy/ LawAged Care Act 1997 Terrie1/5/20Aged Care Act 1997Aged Care Act 1997
1/4/20FrameworkAged Care Road Map Terrie1/5/20Aged Care Road MapAged Care Road Map
1/4/20GuidelinesFact sheet Aged Care Standards Terrie1/5/20ACQSC_New_Standards_Transitional_Arrangements_Factsheet_v1.1ACQSC_New_Standards_Transitional_Arrangements_Factsheet_v1.1

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