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Welcome to the HUBS Self Development Exchange

The Hub has developed quizzes and questionnaires designed to help our members identify areas where they excel and where there needs to be an improvement in knowledge or skills.
The results are confidential are not shared with other members. You will be the only person who receives the results.

As a Hub Member, you will be able to:

  • complete the series of quizzes designed for the CHSP sector
  • opt to receive a certificate and copy of your results
  • provide follow up assistance by a Hub member if you wish to receive support for a particular area or issues



Professional development and self-development are such an incredibly important part of being an effective and valuable member of the CHSP sector. Best knowledge and practice delivers excellence and quality services. You are actually one of the most important resources the sector and the CHSP provider have to deliver quality services.

A quiz is a great way to self reflect, check your progress, identify areas to further develop and grow and just for peace of mind to know you’re keeping up to date with developments in the sector.
All part of our continuous improvement strategies.

Let’s begin ……

Quiz #1

An introduction into the Australian Aged Care System   “How well do you know the Commonwealth Home Support Program?”

Duration: Approx. 12 minutes
Number of Question: 47
Format: Multiple Choice Only
Q a d A are provided upon completion of the quiz

Uploaded June 2020



Quiz #2–

An introduction to the Australian Aged Care System   “Exploring Consumer Directed Care and person-centred Approach” ?”


Coming Soon

Quiz #3

An awareness of the interface between My Aged Care, consumers and CHSP funded aged care services” ?”


Coming Soon