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Confidentiality Policy

This policy applies to the collection, retention and
dissemination of personal information (whether past,
present or future) obtained from individuals in the course
of its business and is not limited to clients, their families or
significant others.


Purpose and Objectives
ECCNSW acknowledges and respects the privacy of
individuals and protects the privacy of clients and their
families, in line with relevant Commonwealth and State
legislation. It is the policy of ECCNSW that information is
managed appropriately with regard to collection, security,
storage, use and disclosure, as identified throughout
all processes.
In abiding by the Australian Privacy Principles (APP’s)
and the Freedom of Information Act, ECCNSW aims to
provide effective and efficient services, whilst respecting
the confidentiality and privacy rights of the organisation’s
clients and staff, and clearly demonstrates ECCNSW ’
commitment to the wellbeing of all persons.

Use of aggregate data
When visiting ECCNSW ’ web site a record is logged
capturing the following non personal information:
• the users server address and operating system
(e.g. Windows, Mac etc.)
• the users top level domain name
(e.g. .com, .gov, .au, .uk etc.)
• the type of browser used
This data is captured for statistical purposes only and
enables the enhancement, optimisation and interaction
of ECCNSW ’ web pages with different systems and
web browsers.
At no stage does ECCNSW attempt to identify users or
their browsing activities, except in the unlikely event of
an investigation by a law enforcement agency exercising
its legal authority within the laws of Australia.

Cookies are pieces of information that a website can
transfer to your computer when you access information
on that site. Cookies can make websites easier to use by
storing information about your preferences on a particular
website. This information remains on your computer after
you close your browser. The only exception being where
session specific cookies are used. These types of cookies
are used for basic web metrics and only last until the
browser is closed.
Individuals can choose to remove or block cookies by
changing their settings within their browser

Disclosure of personal information
ECCNSW does not disclose personal information
to other third parties or organisations unless:
• use and disclosure is required under this policy
• is required or permitted by law
• prior consent has been given by the
individual(s) concerned
• to reasonably protect the rights or safety of any
member of the public or client(s) of ECCNSW
ECCNSW in the normal course of its operations does
not provide personal information to third parties in
other countries.
Any information used for the purposes of research shall
be de-identified and limited to items such as age, gender,
ethnicity and other generic information.

Security of personal information
ECCNSW will take all reasonable steps to protect personal
information collected, held and stored from misuse,
interference, loss and unauthorised access whether it be
in electronic or hard copy form. Destruction of personal
records is performed in accordance with Benetas’ Retention
and Disposal of Records procedure. All personal information
not actively being used is stored in accordance with the
prescribed periods contained within legislative instruments
with a third party provider of secure archiving services.

Access to personal information
The APP’s provide individuals with an enforceable right
of access to their information held by ECCNSW . All requests
for access to information should proceed through the
ECCNSW Media Officer.

ECCNSW will provide access to personal information held
by it to an individual, provided it is authorised to do so,
upon request. When making a request to access personal
information we will require the individual to provide
evidence of their right to access the information, unless
otherwise previously provided.

ECCNSW will respond to all such requests within 30 days
of the date upon which it was made.
If ECCNSW refuses to provide an individual with personal
information it will do so stating why in writing within the
above specified time frame.

In providing the information, ECCNSW may also charge
a reasonable administrative fee to cover the access or
provision of copies of the documentation requested.
Corrections and concerns

If you believe information held by ECCNSW is incorrect
or out of date please contact our respective business
managers to have the record amended or corrected.
If you wish to have personal information held about you
deleted we will require this request be made in writing,
unless ECCNSW is required to maintain such records as
prescribed in legislation or for litigation purposes