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Multicultural Exchange Hub for Ageing
About Hub partners & collaborators

The National Multicultural Sector Support and Development Alliance is a collaboration established between the NSW, Queensland and Victorian Statewide CALD SSD’s.  The collaboration provides an opportunity to streamline practices and provide a central point where CALD SSD’s can share resources and ideas, develop consistent messages and programs, minimise duplication and share best practices. It also provides representation of CALD SSD’s on a national platform.



The ECCNSW established the Multicultural Online Exchange Hub for Ageing – an online community subscriber platform for the purpose of supporting CHSP funded services. The online platform is a central place where valuable information and resources can be accessed and utilised by subscribers, while enjoying the opportunity to connect engage and collaborate with other CHSP funded services. 

Subscribers from metro, regional and rural areas are welcomed.  Through online community forums, online Resource E-library, online booking system, and access to online training, the Multicultural Exchange Hub for Ageing brings cultural expertise to the front door of CHSP funded services.


About CALD and Multicultural Sector Support & Development Programs

The CALD Sector Support and Development programs aim to support service system and enable CHSP service providers to operate effectively in line with the objectives of the CHSP and within the context of the broader aged care system. The CHSP support a range of activities to support, develop and strengthen the home support service system. The types of activities may include:

  • Developing and disseminating information on the CHSP and its interaction with the broader aged care system.
  • Embedding wellness, reablement and restorative care approach into service delivery.
  • Strengthening the capacity of CHSP service providers to deliver quality services that are responsive to client needs, including clients with diverse needs.
  • Brokering, coordinating and delivering training and education to service providers, workforce and consumers.
  • Developing and promoting collaborative partnerships within the CHSP and across the broader aged care service system.
  • Supporting and maintaining the volunteer workforce

Multicultural Exchange Hub for Ageing
About NMSSDAS the interstate alliance partners

A partnership between the NSW, Queensland and Victorian Ethnic Communities’ Councils
“working together to achieve excellence in the delivery of culturally appropriate care  in the Commonwealth Home Support Program services”

“It is only through effective and spirited collaboration and the sharing of great minds that true change can happen”
Terrie Leoleos

Sector Support and Development Team Leader, NSW, ECCNSW

The Hub is a central space where cultural aged care expertise can be reached through to our regional and rural areas”
Gabriele Rukas

Sector Support and Development, Victoria, ECCV

“This is the opportunity to share knowledge and expertise across aged care industry where best practice is inspired and further developed”
Julie Fraser

Sector Support and Development, Queensland , ECCQ, Diversicare

Multicultural Exchange Hub for Ageing
Alliance partner details

NSW State-Wide Map Position

The ECCNSW NSW State-Wide Program is responsible for coordinating and facilitating the establishment and development of the Multicultural Exchange Hub for Ageing website.

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The ECCNSW Aged Care Division, comprising of both National and State-funded programs and activities have been intricate by providing aged care expertise, direction and support in the development of the Exchange Hub website and its CHSP provider engagement strategy.

The ECCNSW State-Wide MAP is the secretariat for the National Multicultural Sector Support and Development Alliance established between ECCNSW, ECCV and ECCQ Diversicare and convenor of the NSW MAP Network.


The Multicultural Access Programs (MAPS) have formed a multicultural specific SSDO network, with a strong focus on CALD consumers cultural responsibility.

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There are twelve (12), MAP officers, across NSW;

  1. NSW State Wide MAP – ECCNSW
  2. Newcastle / Hunter – Northern Settlement Services Ltd
  3. Central Coast – Connectability Australia Ltd
  4. Nepean / Blue Mountains – LEEP
  5. Cumberland Prospect – Area Health
  6. Bankstown Liverpool Fairfield – The Multicultural Network
  7. Illawarra, South Coast – Community Industry Group
  8. Northern Sydney – Hornsby Council
  9. Macarthur, Wollondilly, Wingecarribee – Focus Connect
  10. Inner West – Ethnic Community Services Coop
  11. St George, Sutherland – Advance Diversity Services
  12. Eastern Sydney – Ethnic Community Services Coop

The NSW MAP network brings together the MAP officers bi-monthly. The officers possess a variety of expertise and specialties to the network which allows the MAP program to be flexible, responsive, versatile and multifaceted. Activities include; 

  • Engage with and where appropriate develop training materials to support CALD services and small aged care service providers to meet compliance requirements while delivering services that meet minimum cultural standards.
  • Develop resources such as training materials, co-design staff educational resources, and consumer appropriate targeted materials
  • Support the industry in scoping content and relevant information regarding compliance and reforms to include in regional forums and training events.
  • Work with CALD consumer groups and services to deliver key messages and education about the Australian aged care system, industry changes and how these affect CALD consumers and carers.
  • Provide individual coaching and support which has been instrumental in developing confident and CALD responsive aged care services among the large portion of small to medium size aged care providers.

An important component which contributes to the success of the CALD SSD networks is the recruitment of skilled and talented personnel who bring a variety of skills and expertise to the networks. For example in NSW, the new MAP members have brought skills across from Health, local council, government, senior management and compliance, enhancing the capacity of the network to support the aged care service system and its various auspicing partners and bodies.


The ECCQ Diversicare delivers the CALD CHSP, SSD and SSD Training program in Queensland.
CALD SSD program in Queensland is called Multicultural Advisory Service overseen by a State-Wide MAS Team Leader who leads the MAS Network.

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The MAS network is made up of six MAS programs which are located in various planning areas across the state.

These include;

  • QLD, State Wide
  • Brisbane x 2
  • Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Cairns and northern peninsular
  • Central Queensland

The Queensland MAS program focuses is activities on the following.

  • Free cross-cultural training workshops;
    • assisting services to address cultural diversity in accordance with the National Aged Care Quality Standards.
  • Support staff to effectively communicate across cultures;
  • Promote services to CALD communities;
  • Identify, plan and develop multicultural/lingual resources to support the provision of culturally appropriate services;
  • Provide free consultation working with CALD clients and communities;
  • Establish networks and links with CALD communities and services to facilitate understanding of culturally complex issues of mutual concern;
  • Work with services to identify barriers and gaps in current service provision for CALD clients and their carers;
  • Assist in the development of a collaborative process aimed at enhancing the continued growth of responsive services

VIC CALD SS Position

The CALD SSD in Victoria is called Sector Development.

Apart from the generalist SSDO in Victoria, the state has only one (1) state-wide CALD SSDO and up to four (4) regional CALD SSDOs that service the entire state.

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Like the NSW model, individual organisations auspice each individual CALD SSDO, with the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria having auspice of the State-Wide CALD SSDO program.

Currently only the State-Wide and one (1) other CALD SSDO are operational or known to the ECCV. Attempts have been made by ECCV to identify and reach out to the other SSDs however without success. At this point the department representatives in Victoria have been unable to provide this information to Victorian State-Wide CALD SSDs.

The CALD SSDO specialist in Victoria activities have included:

  • Developing specific training for CALD aged care services to assist them to meet the reforms. Successful delivery of the ‘Sustainable Aged Care Business – Incubator program’ which allowed the state-wide Victorian SSD to codesign and deliver training to management, team leaders and staff in small to medium size business, to meet compliance requirements and implement the new aged care reforms. This 16-week intensive training program was rolled out in 2019 to providers in Victoria and covered the new aged care standards, changing environment, HR, standards, financial requirements and unit costing. The program is now in the process of being accredited through the Victorian Skills Commissioner.
  • Co-designing resources and information that assist CHSP funded services to meet audit and compliance requirements. Supporting various forums and training events for aged care service providers throughout the state.
  • Providing individual support to service providers seeking mentorship or support to meet specific reforms (i.e implementation of new standards, Diversity Framework, Understanding DSS media and communique ) 
  • Convening the Victoria State-Wide Access and Support Network. The network is convened bi-monthly by the ECC Victoria CALD SSDO. Over 80 Access and Support Officers attend the network meeting.

Let’s work together.